The 6 realities article was an interesting read. From the moment I read the first sentence, I was hooked. However, I must be honest: I read it twice, once from an entrepreneur’s perspective and another through my own perspective as a human being. It is true that everyone has their own perspective on everything that they observe or do. This may be a result from past experiences, present ideas, or future outlooks.

When I first read through it, I pictured a diverse Board whose members were all different in that each carried at least one different “lens” to the table. In doing so, multiple ideas could be shared and multiple different perspectives and uptakes can be seen and discussed. This allows for further development of an organization and increased chance for sustainability.

            When I read it through a second time, I thought about myself. What lenses did I use? In what context do I use them? I realized that I use each lens in one way or another, but that I mostly focused on the “what was?” lens. I reflected on that and thought that maybe this was why I hold myself back when it comes to sharing any new ideas I may have for my work. I focus too much on what did work instead of what could work if we tried this. I must work on self-confidence and learn that by having new ideas, I should take the risk to share them for the possibility of having positive outcomes.

Michelle A.