I attended the Art Hop for the first time, and it was an experience I will never forget. I brought along a friend who has been to one before and we went to so many places to see all kinds of different artwork. I especially loved visiting Broadway Studios. The settings and atmospheres were so unique in every room that each one brought up a different feeling from inside me. I knew I liked art, but that day, I came to love art. I even bought something as a memento for the day! 

I must point out that while it was crowded, I feel like it just wasn't crowded enough. Sure, a lot of the community was there, but there should have been more for what was being shared. Everyone should experience Art Hop in Fresno at least once, and I am saddened that I barely attended one so late in life, but at least I did. I want more people to see and feel what I did, and what probably many of the other people who attended did as well. It definitely won't be regretted!

Michelle A.