I cannot emphasize how much I have enjoyed and learned about
community-based organizations and entrepreneurship by attending local
events in my community, especially downtown Fresno. It is different to
learn and know statistics in a classroom setting versus experiencing
it on your own. I was able to attend Art Hop and visit art exhibits in
Arte Americas, Warnors Theatre, as well as KYNO/KJWL studio gallery
and others. Although, Art Hop, is a free event, I realized that such
an important event needs to reach out more to the Fresno community.

I feel that schools can especially play an important role in this
event. Kids should be exposed to Fresno local Artist’s work along with
their communities’ diverse culture. Art can serve as both an
inspiration for children and adolescents and a healing process. In the
future, I would like to attend Art Hop more frequently and would like
to see more families attend this event. This event has the potential
to greatly impact the Fresno community.