During this semester I learned that working in groups can be difficult
at times but it is what you make out of it. Not every group is going
to mesh well at the beginning and it is the finishing product that
counts. Learning what everyone has to bring to the table and working
from their strengths can make a group successful. Being sympathetic
to the fact that in Humanics everything that is learned in each
semester is new and not everyone grasps the concepts like you. I
learned that there is a great need in Fresno for grants to make some
programs come to existences. There are many CBOs that will benefit
from mini grants because that can be the foundation they need to make
program that will be relevant in the future. I think being more hands
on and listening to the speakers gave me the ability to understand the
course material better and actually be able to explain it to someone
else. Each speaker brought enthusiasm and took their philanthropy and
fundraising seriously. It seems like building rapport and strong
relationships are vital when it came to fundraising because you want
your potential donor to trust you and give in the future.
Philanthropy can be looked at in so many ways and it is not always the
large donation that makes a difference the small donations from
individual donors makes a difference too. I think that my behavior
has changed because of this class because I noticed when speakers come
in you never know if one day they will be your hiring manager and
first impression makes a difference. Having a large group in deciding
where the money went stressed me out the most because everyone had an
opinion and we had to hear everyone’s opinion. Some decisions that
were quite evident were drawn out because other group members didn’t
understand the logistics of some things. I think being in a group
made me more humble and ready for a real world setting because in most
jobs you eventually have to work as a team and no matter if it takes
hours or days to get work done the team has to all make an effort. I
think I will take patience from this class and utilize in my future
because patience is key to be able to work in group. Being in the
Philanthropy class makes me appreciate it because not everyone
understands the true meaning of philanthropy and now I can educated
them on what it is and what it consist of. As of now I’m not sure how
this will impact my life in engagement in civic activity but I do hope
when I get established I will be able to give back and possibility be
a potential donor. I think that even though I cannot help financially
in the community my time would be a great asset and I would love to
offer my time. I don’t think the way I look at my has changed maybe
after being out the class and interacting people I will be able to see
if the class has changed me. I think breaking the groups down would
be a good idea for the course larger groups can be overwhelming at
times and starting off small then easing into big groups would be a
good idea. I hope that I can come back and be a role model for the
future Humanics students. I hope that all my classmates will be
engaged in the community after taking this course. Finally, I hope
that the community members can team up with community leaders to make
their communities better.