This semester I was lucky to work with a group of girls on the Valley
Teen Ranch work plan. Each group member brought something to the
table and we were able to work well together. I think splitting our
group up worked best for us because we were able to get more done that
way. Each member took their role and executed it without any
problems. I was a part of the 360 evaluation group which consisted of
Catalina and Hanna. Both girls were great to work with and I think
without Catalina wanting the project to be done a certain way our part
wouldn’t have been much help to Valley Teen Ranch. I think that our
group leader Vivian did a great job with communicating with us and
letting us the communication that took place with Valley Teen Ranch so
that weren’t out of the loop. Taking this Entrepreneurship class will
be memorable to me because of the visit to local CBOs. Each CBO we
visited had a unique story of why they started and how they were
impacting the community. I thought it was great that there are still
people out that want to give back to their community and just don’t
talk about what the community needs but actually takes action. In a
way I look up to these entrepreneurs because they took a small idea
and made it into something that was resourceful to the community.
Being a leader takes courageousness and compassion because there might
be times some of these entrepreneurs wanted to give up, but they knew
that the community depended on them and kept their CBOs up and
running. In this course I was honored to have a second chance to
work with our team coach Catherine Quinn who offered so much resources
and support. She took time out of her schedule to help guide the
Valley Teen Ranch team and it is deeply appreciated. Although I
didn’t get to work with Kelvin our co- coach it is also deeply
appreciated that he made a commitment to helping our team with his
busy schedule. I don’t think no one can take fully credit in our
group because everyone brought something equally to the table. I
think this was the best group I’ve worked with this semester. I hope
that the group members who recently joined the Humanics program stick
it out because it will pay off in the future. I wish all of them
success in their classes and hope to hear good things about them in
the future. My last semester in the Humanics program has been a long
but productive semester. I’m happy I decided to finish my last two
courses because I was able to work with great people and they will
never be forgotten. I think that this semester was a little bit
easier because I knew what was expected out of Dr. Simmons and Dr. J
and had an idea of how the class would be structure. Unlike last
semester, taken three Humanics overwhelmed me.