This semester, by far, has been the most educational course, the most
self motivating, and the best course I have taken at Fresno State
because we had the opportunity to learn something in class and
immediately put into action. I have learned more in this class about
the community than my life experience combined. We had the opportunity
to start a CBO from the ground up, learned what CBOs are looking for,
and learned what should be in a grant. For the education group, we had
a lot of pressure to make sure that the money we were responsible for
went to the right organization. Our group was between Break the
Barriers and Storyland and Playland. My vote wasn’t taken into
consideration because of my affiliation with Break the Barriers but
deep down I thought both organizations were worthy of the money. I did
learn that if you are involved with an organization, it is better to
not vote to avoid a sticky situation.