Mark Ford brought up some very interesting statistics when he came to lecture that blew my mind was the fact that only nineteen percent of Fresno residents had a college degree or higher.

He then linked it to one of the reasons why Fresno has so high unemployment rates, and why or average income is so low. After heating about thus I went home and did a little research myself, and found out that in Palo alto the percentage of people with college degrees was at a whopping seventy two percent. That seventy two percent translates to an average income of $70,200 per year.

This then lead me to look up the statistics for Hmong Americans, of which everyone knows I am. I found out that only 14% of all Hmong Americans have a bachelors or higher, I also found out that the average income for a Hmong American was only about $10,900, much lower than that of latinos and African Americans.

I actually wrote to Fresno states own API Review about the states and got them to publish it.