At the end of the semester, it was an amazing feeling to reflect back on what we were able to accomplish as a group through our pictures during Pecha Kucha in class. When we were discussing what each slide was about, it was great to see how we all grew and developed through our experiences with what we were able to produce together and the collaboration we had with the organizations we met with. We started off with nothing and ended with a memo, a decision matrix, partnerships, and a final work plan for Wayfinders. It took a lot of time and effort, but the feeling of achievement was rewarding enough in the end.

            It was especially rewarding for me because I know that I tend to think lowly of myself every once in awhile. When we were told to leave our comfort zones, I automatically felt overwhelmed with fear for not doing well in the class. I felt like I would be a hindrance to my group and the organization. However, it was that fear that got me through the semester and helped me overcome my weaknesses and have my strengths shine. Together, we were able to produce real material that could possibly benefit an organization in their sustainability. It is crazy that in such a short amount of time, a complete work plan was created by our group that is ready to be used and implemented by Wayfinders!

            It never ceases to amaze me how a small group of people can make such a big difference. It really just goes to show you that with the right attitudes, mindsets, and passion, anything is possible. I am excited to see how Wayfinders does in the future, but I have no doubt that they will be fine. They have a great staff and great services to offer. With time, they will be able to grow and develop, and continue to support their students to succeed in the future.

Michelle A.