At the beginning of the semester Dr.Simmions went over a pretty great acronym that could help CBO or any organization recruit, train, retain and improve itself. The acronym if anyone remembers was ITAFFER. I think this was one of the best things I actually learned in this class, because being the newly elected president of the Hmong Student Association (HmSA) at Fresno State, I brought back most everything I learned during this brief lecture and applied it to my org.

The first thing I did was go out and invite new members to join HmSA. The next thing I did was make sure that every officer I had felt that they were being valued, not just for their position but for who they were as a person.

I then called a special officers meeting were we all re-evaluated our mission statement and went over our duties and goals for the semester. We then broke down and evaluated each other’s progress. I was surprised by how honest everyone was at admitting their short comings and providing constructive criticism.