As the Chair of the student education board of trustees, I feel confident that tomorrow is going to be a big success. I am playing a big part in the event being the MC, and helping the press conference run smoothly. I have had experiences in my past speaking in front of large crowds, and setting up for events when I was a regional director of a network marketing communication firm, this was before I decided to be a full time student. Through  my past experience I understand that it is hard to bring a lot of people to one place at the same time. Especially if they are import members of the community with busy schedules. The way I look at tomorrows situation is, even if not one person showed up besides the people in our class, and the CBO's receiving the grants, it can't take away the fact that as a community we are stilling going to make a difference in some young kids life, weather or not we get media exposure or just a hand shake from a thankful executive.         
I would be lying if I said I wasn't nerves, but it makes me feel alive when the pressure is on, and it's is time to perform. Most of the time for me if I am prepared everything works out better than expected. We have all worked so hard this semester and to not finish strong would be an incredible let down. We need to show this community what the Fresno State Humanics Program is all about! We save lives by sharing and creating opportunities for others. We are in a leaning process that's going to supply us with skills that benefit us in ways that could be unimaginable to most people.
After working on this philanthropy project most of this semester,it is reminding me why I became apart of this certificate program. I want to make a revolutionary change in this country like no one as ever seen. with the wisdom I'm obtaining, the connections that I am making, and with the doors that will open once I graduate from Fresno state, Their is no doubt in my mind that my goals will be reached. People will always underestimate you, or tell you that you cant, but for example, if I listened to ignorant people, then I wouldn't be writing this blog right now. I could be one of those people we are trying to help rather than being the solution for help. 
I've enjoyed this semester working with all of the humanic scholars, we have some really intelligent individuals that I know are going to make great community leaders in our near future. I also believe in the near future The Fresno State Humanics Program can be recognized internationally. eventullay their is going to be that one person or a few people, that make all of the differnce and demonstrates all the competency areas we are aqiriring here at Fresno State University. This Certificate program can be life changing if you can think outside of the box, and get out of your own comfort zone and reach out. 
I look forward to what the future has in store, and I'm proud to be part of this of this philanthropy project and this humanics program! 
Thank You
Anthony Dakuras