The Challenge of Leadership In The Times We're In

This article taught me many interesting lessons when it comes to what a successful organization looks like. What became so evident to me was that the environment we live in is ever changing. The way organizations were run ten even five years ago is different than that of today. The society that we live in focuses on media and internet access along with many other evolving aspects. When looking  for a smart organization to focus our efforts on we should look at if they have been able to keep up with the new ways of business. As it says in the article make sure that the organization is willing to " Adapt, not just execute" they need to be able to adapt to the change rather than just changing certain aspects. The article spoke on many helpful ideas, but the other idea that resinated with me was that of self care. In order to give your full attention to the organization you need to be in top condition mentally and physically. We need to take care of ourselves first and then the organization because if we are not under good care then the organization will lack a healthy leader. All and all this article represents what a healthy organization looks like and provides a structure for us to fallow.