First and for most, thank you Lynn Pietz for your presentation in last night's class.
Planned giving was a little complicated, but Lynn definitely knows how to explain it in a (I would say) simpler form. I was thinking about how powerful it would be for the Central Valley if every CBO would send their fund development professional to a week long workshop on planned giving. In our Monday night class CBOs that participated in the program this semester reported a need for fundraising. Now wouldn't it be great to recommend this tool to them? Lynn and Dr.Simmons both mentioned that CBOs want cash now, and aren't looking at the bigger picture, but I'm wondering why. CBOs can do fundraising for current operations as well as planned giving; why limit yourself? Now, in the beginning Dr.Simmons spoke a lot about CBOs not being aware of all the money that's out there. I would love to see CBOs in the Central Valley stick around for a long time, and I believe building relationships with donors who are looking to do planned giving with charities would provide a great opportunity for them financially. I really enjoyed Lynn coming to spend time with our class, and educate us in planned giving. She was greatly appreciated! I love to see lawyers who are well-rounded!