Last year when I took my first sociology class I found out that of all the major cities in the united states Fresno has the highest concentration of poverty.

Before when I thought of cities with high levels of poverty I thought of Detroit, El paso, Houston. But now when I think about it I think of Fresno.

When I looked at the map of Fresno and looked at all twenty two neighborhoods, I realized that I had lived in three of the twenty two.

I use to think that every neighborhood north of Shaw would be above the poverty line, but now I realize that right out side of Fresno state in the El Dorado park neighborhood poverty is a huge issue.

As a volunteer at the El Dorado boys and girls club I realized that many of the kids there actually don’t think that they will ever be able to go to college.even though they could actually see the stadium lights right from the playground. Make you realize just how distant these people are from school.