I would like to thank both Boys and Girls Club of El Dorado Park and Wesley United Methodist Church for taking the time to come and present to our board. It was a new experience for me to be in that position. In the past I have only experienced peers and classmates giving presentations. The fact that these were people from outside our program, and college, presenting something that we were to make an important decision on was very stressful for me. I found it difficult to evaluate them objectively because of my relationship with one over the other from our site visit. Also, because I am the chair of the board I felt it was my responsibility to represent us professionally, and that is something I haven’t had experience with in a long time. All in all I feel the presentations went very well. Both organizations were passionate about their programs and had a lot to share with us. It was very nice to be able to hear the great things that they want to do for the El Dorado Park community. Although I found it difficult to keep an objective mind I feel that our board did a great job of doing so. I was very impressed with how we came together and simply stated the facts of each program and presentation. We were able to make a decision based on the rubric and not personal feeling.