Rotary Storyland & PlayLand

It was great to see Barry and Dave again, the day we had Class at Rotary Storyland & Play. Every time I have the opportunity to listen to them and how great they work as a team is just inspirational.  I what to absorb as much as I can from Barry’s presentations, he is just amazing. What he has done at these two wonderful CBOs, I am sure could be done with all the organizations we are serving. He provided us with great knowledge about the CBO sector. However what does not stop resonating on my ears is “Having the right people in the right positions and making sure they enjoying what you do.” I do not think that this applies only to the CBO sector it applies to all we do. Barry is passionate about serving. Yesterday, Yes, Yesterday “Sunday” I text Barry asking him to help us out by proving some information we needed to finish our assessment. He respondent almost immediately seeking more information in order to provide us with the best possible answer; he was there for us. We also reach out to other classmates and had the same amazing response. With this being said, I believe that organizations can do the same reach out for help. However, I do apologize for bothering Barry on a “Sunday” and our classmates as well.

Thank you Barry for wearing your service hat always and thanks to our classmates.