When I entered the Philanthropy and Grant Making class for the first time, and began to listen to Dr. Simmons throughout the lecture, I instantly thought I made a mistake. All the students seemed prepared and I felt so behind. As the rest of the class continued on, my eagerness to hear more ruptured. This was not a mistake after all as it became the best mistake I made. Today, I can understand that everything happened for a reason. Things will be hard and each part of the class was difficult to soak in but it was helpful and eye opening and I can truly be a better philanthropist in the future, become a planned giving donor be opened to learn, and willing to follow directions and instruction from all the presentations, experiences, and readings that was poured along this short traveled path. I was just a beginner. I knew nothing in detail about philanthropy except that it dealt with altruistic acts which I love do it. It was an extreme enhancer of how I now see the world, community, and I took mental notes in my head and saw what struggles that was faced each day in our community and looked at ways to improve it. In order to benefit target community organizations effectively, donors and a fundraiser within a CBO is needed. I learned that in building relationships you must constantly have a follow up with everyone that has helped made an organization flourish. Along with all the essential elements with those involved with any community related organization, the foundations and the people passionate will only make an organization stronger.
 Together with the site visits, researching, and reading the RFPs there was a lot of professionalism and networking that was expected out of each of us which made being in the class a big growing process but a give and take one too. Although I did not hear about the Humanics Program early on in my college career and all the benefits that come along with it, just taking this class has changed my perspective, my knowledge, and my expectation of how a community benefit organization needs to be ran. I have gained so much familiarity and this class has given me insight of all the hard work and dedication it takes to function and grow with just one individual idea. It has forced me to ask more questions, take time to listen and observed, and work well with others with some that bump heads. I realized after all the work and educating myself about CBOs that trying to make a difference in the community takes effort, passion, support, and determination to keeps it running