May 1st, 2012

Tonight, we decided on which CBO we were going to fund.  We had the Boys and Girls Club and Wesley Church come and give presentations on what they would use the grant money for.  The Boys and Girls club wanted to use majority of the funding towards staffing.  This was a little bit of a red flag, but it made sense since most of what they do is mentoring the young kids.  The more mentors and staff that are there, the more students can be there.  Wesley Church wanted funding for a new program for the upcoming summer.  They laid out their entire budget which was impressive.  They broke down exactly where our $3000 grant would go to.  $2800 of it would go to supplies for the 30 kids in the summer camp.  The other $200 would go towards training the volunteers and staff.  It was so great to know that either organization that we picked, we were directly helping the El Dorado Park community.  Wesley Church and the Boys and Girls Club are closely related, so a lot of their students overlap.  Being able to experience the presentations was very valuable.  I got to see what works and what doesn't.  If I were to submit a presentation for a grant, I would defiantly bring a power point presentation to give the audience a visual.  One CBO tonight had a power point and one did not.  The one with the powerpoint made a larger impact because we were able to actually see what they were all about.  I would also bring a print out of the budget and what the grant money was going to.  This helped in the decision making immensely.  I can't wait to be able to hand over our check to the lucky CBO my group chose!  They truly deserve it!