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The California DISCLOSE Act is back … and only needs one more vote!

We encourage everyone to attend the Central Valley
California Clean Money working group meeting  and join last push efforts to get AB1648 through the Assembly.  

AB 1648 was amended to be an urgency bill (so it has more time to get the last few votes it needs).  We are working in June to get one last vote in the state Assembly, and we’ll need to show a huge amount of grassroots support to get it through. 


The Central Valley has a key role in passing AB 1648, so …  COME JOIN US in the local outreach plan for endorsements, petitions, and letting the public know! 


 Monday, June 18th

6:30pm – 8:00pm 


Denny’s Restaurant  

1110 E. Shaw, Fresno (just east of First and Shaw)  

If possible, please plan to purchase dinner, remembering that Denny’s has a $2, $4, $6, & $8 menu.


Local Coordinators Connie Peterson & Ellie Garabedian would appreciate knowing how many to plan for  –  Please RSVP:  


CLICK here to RSVP and view more details plus an online map




The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision unleashed unlimited, anonymous corporate spending on campaigns.  In California, nearly $200 million was spent on November 2010 ballot measures alone, most by corporations hiding behind misleading committees like "Stop Hidden Taxes".  That’s why we need to pass AB 1648 (Brownley), the California DISCLOSE Act, to make sure that people know who is really paying for political ads.

The California DISCLOSE Act would:

1) Replace current deceptive "Paid for by" disclosures with real disclosure, making the top funders of the ad boldly and explicitly clear ON THE ADS THEMSELVES. 


2) Create serious new disclosure requirements for slate mailers

· E.g. Require slates to show when independent expenditure groups pay for candidate endorsements.

3) Require that ads have a link to a website showing the top ten funders.

Tell voters who is really funding propositions and attack ads when it counts!

For more info on the California DISCLOSE Act and how it will stop hidden influence of Big Money special interests, see our home page:

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