As I sit alone in a plane, going to an unknown place where the language and culture is unknown to me, I am reminded again of what I had learned in Sociology 183. Life will always be filled with many situations that will push us to grow as an individual and it is our job to “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” No matter where life takes us, we will always be expected to experience new opportunities. So, instead of being frightened of it, we need to embrace it with open arms and at times, even to seek for it. Life has more to offer us and by putting ourselves into uncomfortable situations, we are not just growing as an individual but also as a professional.

This correlates into our professional life because when we stop challenging ourselves and get too comfortable, it means we have lost our drive, our passion, and in turn, hurting the people we are serving. We hurt them since we are not putting our best foot forward and not trying to better ourselves. It does not matter if one will be working in the CBO sector or not, ones’ goal in life should always be in wanting to better ourselves so that we are contributing to our community instead of being the problem.