In life, I have realized that relationships have always been taken for granted and never appreciated. There are even times when we brush them off our shoulders and never give them a second thought. Interestingly enough though, if one breaks down the essence of life, they will come to the conclusion that more than half of one’s life is based on the people they meet and the relationships they had built throughout their lifetime. Relationships are the backbone of an individual and so it is not surprising that that is the same for Community Benefit Organizations.

If done correctly, when a CBO is able to build strong relationships with their volunteers and sponsors, it not only draws them to the mission of the organization but more importantly, it gives them a family that they will continue to support and be involved in. It gives them the essence of belonging and importance in the organization, helping it flourish to its fullest potential. That is why it is so essential that we focus on building strong relationships and ensuring that everyone is growing with the organization.