When I reflect back on the amazing talks and discussions I participated in Sociology 183, I keep getting reminded of one specific statement that was told to us by Dr. Simmons. He had stated that “The job of CBOs is to put themselves out of business.” After he made this statement, I was able to see the logic and truth in the statement. CBOs are meant to take up a cause they feel strongly about and then to provide services that will not only bring the problem to light but to ultimately eliminate it. To accomplish and reach that, a CBO has to have the mentality to putting themselves out of a business and to continuously seek it.

I also came to realize that when CBOs are not doing this, all they are doing is putting a band-aid over the wound instead of being the cure. All a band-aid is capable of doing is relieve the immediate pain but the sickness that had already invaded the body is not addressed. That is why CBOs were created and as such, should strive for the ultimate goal that might possibly mean 'the end' of them. Even if it leads to that, the CBO does not have to ultimately‘end’.

Instead, after accomplishing what they had initially started, they have the opportunity to take up a new cause and strengthen their community even more. As we continue our route in the CBO sector, I challenge you to do this in your organization. It is only when we start to think this way that we are able to witness the beauty that can happen with this mentality. So today, instead of being the band-aid become the cure in your community.