I felt it necessary, at least for me, to share how well prepared I was for the role of Intern Volunteer Coordinator here at Warnors Theatre. I’m receiving a lot of positive feedback and appreciation from Jim (ED), Dan(President of BOD), Sally(BOD member), the volunteers, and the BOD. They decided they didn’t want to let me go at the end of the summer and asked me to apply for the community service grant (sponsored by Warnors and the Radin foundation), so I could stay on for the fall. They have been very impressed with my work, our volunteers, and the programs and projects I have been overseeing.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to oversee 10 volunteers as a part of the United Way’s “Day of Caring”. When reflecting upon the experience, I realized that the service learning component of the R.E.A.L conference had been so much more valuable than I had realized. Some of you may remember that my service learning site was a local community gardens. My group and I had fun with each other, but were a bit unprepared for our service. We all wished that we had better shoes, gloves, and sunscreen. Our project leaders were very nice, but we weren’t really taught much about the organization that we were volunteering for. Due to this experience, I learned to be fully prepared for these volunteers that I had the opportunity to oversee. I was also aware of their wants and needs relating to their service experience. They group was, I hope as a result, highly motivated and positive. They got an incredible amount done in 3 hours. Especially since 45 minutes of that time was spent on a behind the scenes tour of the theater and discussing our CBO status. We even got three volunteers who would like to continue serving with us! This is one of the many experiences I have had because of the Humanics program that fills me with confidence in my bright future as a CBO leader! Attached you will find samples of my work.