Yesterday afternoon I met with my mentor, Richard Yanes, the Executive Director of Fresno Metro Ministry. The mentoring session went well. I received a lot of really good feedback on ways to improve both my resume and my networking card. At the end I left the meeting feeling satisfied and grateful once again for the experiences and opportunities the Humanics program has to offer. During the meeting we talked mostly about my resume but at some point in our conversation we transitioned from resumes to interviewing for a job. At that point in our conversation Richard said two very important things about the interview process that caught my attention. He first said that the interview process does not have to be scary and one-sided, where the interviewer does all the assessing; however, it can be two-sided and more welcoming because an interview can also serve as an opportunity for the applicant to assess and explore the organization or company, through observation. The second thing that stuck with me was the part when he said that when it comes to hiring for a position, the person in management has to make sure to hire the right person for the job. And it makes sense right? Who wouldn’t want to hire the right person for the Job? The reason it stuck with me is because there is a whole section dedicated to managing people in one of the books we have assigned for the SOC 150T class and a whole chapter on just hiring, or “Hiring Superstars” as the authors of the book named it. It is kind of interesting to read the chapter, but to also have someone in the field talk to you about it is even better.