The Board meeting that i attended that had to do with Historic Preservation. It was a well definition on what as board members go through when it comes to desciion making which i find very important to understand and because i will as a future CBO will go through when it comes to tough decision making. It simply a part of life when it comes to decisions one might agree and the other might not which is normal i believe. I could relate because i worked with members of 20 on just making choices that we had based on two organizations we wanted to bring and present. It was quite a struggle at first but because we made sure we went through everything and data we were able to come to a conclusions. In this board meeting it had to due with historic preservation and in which i think is an important topic. History is what makes this city beautiful being able to keep things, houses and building intact that has such a rich background, but it also takes a lot of work and dedication to keep up with it and making sure it stays preserved.