We had an excellent speaker in yesterdays class, thank you Peter Robertson. Peter’s passion and enthusiasm for his work was palpable. It shone through when he was talking about his work and I got swept up in it. Aside from showing me how important passion and authenticity are to work in this sector, the things that stuck out to me were building a relationship with donors and leading by example.

People give to people so building a relationship with a donor essential in fundraising. If a donor or potential donor knows you and thinks that you are trustworthy then they are more likely to give to your organization because if their relationship and trust in you. Leading by example is way that you can show your trustworthiness and commitment to your organization and/or cause. If you are asking some one to give but you yourself don’t then why should they. If some one who works within a CBO but doesn’t give then that shows one of two things, (1) that that person doesn’t care about the cause or organization or (2) that the organization isn’t worth giving to. If you’re asking some one to do something, you better be willing to do it yourself.