If anyone of you ever had the pleasure of ever meeting Dr. Ryle, you will understand what a true joy and ball of excitement she is. For the past weeks I had the honor of having Dr. Ryle as a guest speaker in my Soc 183 Philanthropy and grant giving class. It was a true experience. Throughout the three weeks, we grouped up and made our own CBO! Let me just say it was a challenge, but it was well worth it. The very first week we created our own CBO. We came up with a purpose, vision, and mission.  In the lecture Dr. Ryle cleared up for me what the main differences between a vision and mission. I believed that the vision was our mission with just a few word changes. Which in fact is not true at all the vision is the big picture and the mission is what drives you there. The past three weeks taught me the fundamentals and collaboration skills of how a major CBO is created, because it was created in a group we had the really learn how to collaborate with one another and make a sustainable CBO that could with hold change. It was something new to me. I had never really imagined how a CBO was created and all the functions and members you need behind it to be successful. My overall experience with my group and Dr. Ryle is something I could not replace. After going through the three weeks of building a CBO which to me was and felt completely real to me because of the connection I had to the CBO had really given me the confidence of knowing that I could possibly create a sustainable and successive CBO one day.