Humanics is now the bright spot in my rear view mirror, a gleam of light that I cannot help but continuously look back at.  It has only officially been over for about twenty four hours but I haven’t been able to stop replaying the last four months in my mind.  It’s hard to believe that in such a short amount of time my classmates and I experienced so much, and now, in a flash, it’s over.

Going through the process of choosing a CBO to grant funding to and then simultaneously putting on the Students4Giving event was an experience to remember.  The joy in seeing Good Neighbor Center, Inc., GRID Alternatives and the Fresno Arts Council receive their checks was unlike any other feeling.  Knowing that these CBOs will go into our community and effect positive change in people’s lives reminds me of why I became a Humanics Scholar.

To be a part of such a phenomenal group of people has taught me about what it takes to make a great team.  I could not have chosen a better group of people to work with and I will take the lessons I learned from them into my future endeavors.  I can only hope that as I venture out into the world I will be fortunate enough to meet more people like these.

My classmates and I gained a set of skills that will take us to new heights in whatever careers we choose.  Dr. Simmons and Dr. Jendian, who insisted that we learn by doing even if the situation was completely unfamiliar and terrifying, had enough faith in us that, whether we failed or succeeded, we would come out the other side a better scholar and a better human.  Dr. Ryle and many others took the time to come speak to our classes and share their own knowledge and experiences, emphasizing that they are only an e-mail or a phone call away for the support and guidance we may be in need of.

Thank you to everyone who played a role in my Humanics journey.  Your hard work and dedication has afforded me the confidence that I need to continue pursuing my philanthropic goals.  Dr. Jendian reminded me that “you will always be a part of the Humanics family,” so while I am saddened that my time with Humanics at Fresno State has come to an end I know that the camaraderie that I have found amongst this group of outstanding individuals will remain.