Yesterday, Tuesday September 23rd, Fabiola Gonzalez, the Policy & Government Relations Officer for First 5 of Fresno County came to speak to our Soc. 184 class. Having Fabiola Gonzalez come into class and inform us about the key/main focuses that direct their projects was helpful to understand that having specific “points” that are important to a group of people or a CBO makes the job easier. I was able to understand clearly what a strategic plan can do and how essential it is for CBOs because it basically steers you and your projects in a specific direction. I really liked how Fabiola Gonzalez put it by basically saying that it was your tool to making decisions and allocating resources, its like the checklist that allows you to work productively towards the envisioned future.


About First 5 of Fresno County, it was clear, based on Fabiola’s presentation about the Agency, that they truly follow their strategic plan because of the projects that she talked about. For example, she mentioned that First 5 truly focuses and strives for all children 0-5 to be born and raised healthy. Some of the things that they are currently working on reflect what their strategic plan encompasses. Like, First 5 puts much efforts in trying to change the culture of Breast Feeding and making it more accepted within our communities. The reason why they advocate for this is because it follows the guidelines and it truly benefits a child’s health. It is the most healthiest way to feed a baby!

I really enjoyed and learned from Fabiola’s presentation.