On Thursday, September 4, 2014, several of my fellow Scholars and I went out to explore ArtHop. Last semester I went to various different ArtHop events but this was my first time at this specific location and with this group of people.

For this ArtHop, we met up at the Fresno Art Hub in the Tower District. The art and the overall vibe there were great! There were several different pieces on display that I absolutely loved; everything there told a different story through the artists’ eyes, whether it be through the choice of colors or the way that the different sculptures along the wall were made. There were two sculptures in particular that caught my eye, both made by the same artist. At first glance, both appeared to be an ordinary objects (one was a sea conch, the other a pea pod), but upon closer examination, we could see that both contained the figure of a woman hidden in the folds of the sculpture. The sculpture of the sea conch showed a woman hidden in the opening of the conch, as if she were holding it open and was cleverly named “She Shall.” The pea pod had a woman hidden inside where the peas should have been and was called “Human Bein.” Both were obviously a play on words but I felt there was a deeper meaning behind them. I felt a sense of empowerment coming from the artists’ sculptures. For example, “She Shall” was not only a play on the word “seashell,” but it represented a woman who can and “shall” do whatever she sets her mind to; this was the feeling that her art pieces gave me. I wish I had gotten a picture of both of those, but sadly, I didn’t.

I really enjoyed going to this ArtHop, and later to dinner, to spend more time with my teammates. They are a great group of women who I can already tell are extremely driven by their passions and ambitions. I cannot wait to see wait this semester has in store for us and what we, as a group, can accomplish.

(Pictured are my three teammates for the Soc 150T class. From the left: Veronica, Sara, and Charity. I took the picture since there was no one outside to take it for us.)