This past Monday I had a tour around downtown Fresno and it really hit me. I never thought Fresno was a city that had so much history. I couldn’t imagine my ears when i heard about how Fresno came to be and the beautiful history. I always thought of Fresno as the place I was simply going to get my BS degree and leave. Until… until i started volunteering with my first CBO and joined Humanics I have learned to see Fresno in a new light, but it was not until I took the tour with my class Monday 15, 2014, Mrs. Karana Hattersley-Drayton gave us the inside scope on the history of downtown and how the Fullerton Mall got its look, feel, and passion. Thanks to Mrs. Karana and Dr. Simmons for making me open my eyes to seeing Fresno for what it truly is, a city with such Passion, great vision, amazing history and such potential.