My first impression of Fabiola was how dedicated she is in regarding implementing what she believes in throughout the county of Fresno. She holds the title of Policy and Communications officer for First 5 of Fresno. You can see the passion she has for young children and young mothers and the bond they create while breast feeding. She educated me as well as possibly others in the class of the not only the importance of this as far as brain development at a young age, but the fact that Fresno State has an entire floor designed to help young mothers aid in their young child’s future. She also introduced us to the strategic plan of First 5 Fresno and how her agency hinges financially on this detailed plan of what they hope to accomplish throughout the year. This part is important because without this nothing gets funded and intern no one gets the help they need. Lastly, she showed a video in class that almost brought a tear to my eye so I’d like to sharer it. I’ve posted a link to it here. Not to mention she’s a former Humanics graduate, overall I’d say it was a good class session!