This past week, I was able to go to Art Hop with a member of my team, Jessica. This was one of the first times that I was actually able to follow the concept of “hopping” from venue to venue which was a great experience. We started off in Tower District at Spectrum, and then we found our way to downtown. On our way to downtown, we stumbled upon another studio called Arthouse which had a really different vibe then many of the other places. We saw some really interesting pieces of art here and we were also able to have a conversation with one of the artists, Joraie Haynes. It was interesting to hear about the process that he goes through to create his art and to hear about what inspires him to write his poems. I think that this is the aspect of Art Hop that intrigues me the most. We are able to communicate freely with the people around us and engage in some meaningful conversations. In today’s world, it isn’t very easy to start a conversation with a stranger since everyone is so closed off in their own personal worlds. But Art Hop is venue that allows us to communicate with our community and find out what others are doing, why there are doing it, and what inspires them. Another instance of this was when we stumbled upon a new bike shop by Warnors Theater called Fulton Cycle Works. We were able to meet the family that owns it and hear about how they had moved into this new space just two days ago and how they were dealing with the change. It’s great being able to meet people that you might otherwise not have had the chance to cross paths with and getting to see a brief glimpse of their lives. If you’ve never been to Art Hop, I would definitely recommend that you go and check out all that you’ve been missing!