As the end of another semester approaches, I find myself reflecting on my goals and experiences.  One of the hardest lessons I have learned is the importance of living a balanced life, be it personal, or professional.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain; however, I’ve come to understand that it is about being confident in the way that has been paved by individuals who have gone through the process.  As Dr. Simmons mentioned in class, trusting the process means trusting people; people are flawed, but we do the work we have to do.  My classmates, in particular my group members, have been an integral part of shaping my experiences and growth as a individual and a philanthropist.  Although essays, readings, blog posts, meetings, etc. are all taking place simultaneously, it is crucial to not lose sight and “check-out.”

As Dr. Simmons expressed, “Never underestimate the power of coffee.”  Words to live by.