SO what’s the first thing I do on my birthday? Get up early and head to downtown Fresno to volunteer for AFP’s National Day of Philanthropy awards luncheon! I’m not trying to imply that that wasn’t a good thing for me or that I would rather have been doing something else…but anyway.

Bailee and I had a little trouble finding out where everything was–the hotel staff at the Doubletree didn’t have it on their list, but called management and were told that it was a “last-minute” reservation. We kinda just shrugged and thought on that for a moment, “How could it have been a last-minute thing if this was planned for months???” We got over it. Haha!

We were designated as the check-in and the “oh, the workshop is just around the corner” persons. We had a good time before the luncheon (and the checking of people in) chatting with Rusty Rocca, from Light and Sound Solutions. I tell you, his work is AMAZING! I think I’ll be hiring him for some events….definitely… What was interesting to me that day was the fact that our conversation with Rusty, the “light guy,” turned out to be a lesson in philanthropy in itself.  Some of his work is done for CBOs, and he told us about how he works with them on a price. “Let me know what you can do, and the rest will be in-kind.”  He’s shared his experiences about creating relationships and developing connections. He’s also shared his experiences with an executive director who was needing light and sound equipment: “I told him what the fee would be, and he told me ‘You know we’re a non-profit, right?'” Sadly, (with the lack of words to describe this, knowing me), you learn that not everyone working in an organization that benefits a community isn’t the best or the nicest… (then what are they doing there, then??) All in all, Rusty has been a great person to talk to, sharing a lot of things from his time at Fresno State in the Marching Band, to his work at a plethora of events, and the likes. I’m definitely going to send Rusty an email.

You may be asking, “Jordan?! What about the luncheon and the keynoting and stuff??”  Oh. Yeah. Well, the tri-tip was GREAT! And Jason Jaggard. He was good. And funny. He sparked good feelings in us!!!!

NPD 2015 Volunteer Peeps