I was thankful to attend another Art Hop this semester. I think it has been over a year since I last explored one. I enjoyed venturing from one studio to another. I began the journey at Frank’s Place crossed the street to KJWL Art Gallery and over to Broadway street. I ended the night at Iron Bird Café which On Ramps hosted an Open Mic Night. They had complementary pour over coffees and cupcakes to beautiful to eat, for sale.  I really enjoyed looking at all the different pieces of art. We have so much talent in Fresno. I am thankful we also have this opportunity and hope more people will continue to discover one of Fresno’s greatest assets. I hear to often that people are board and can’t find anything to do in Fresno. In every instance I share about Art Hop, comedy nights, Open Mic Nights, Salsa dancing and more. I feel like Fresno has so much to offer and I love my home town!