On November 22nd, I attended the Ronald McDonald House Charities of The Central Valley’s (RMHCCV) press release. The reason for the press release was RMHCCV was a recipient of the Students4Giving Project and in memory of Philip T. Manoogian Award of $5,000. With this award, they built the Happy Wheels Cart, which provides snacks and toys for Valley Children’s patients and their families.

This press release was a reminder of the importance of philanthropy and the impact it can have on our community. As our fellow Humanics colleague mentioned, Jessica Vierra, “We got to see the fruits of our labor.” I was not part of the original scholars team who granted the award to RMHCCV, but as a Humanics scholar who has gone through that process I know granting an award requires a rigorous process. Before granting a CBO, the scholar team must conduct site visits and interviews to different CBOs who fit the team’s area of interest.  This press release showed the importance of collaboration and the fruit that occurs when a community comes together to create impact and change. It was nice to see the impact that these awards have in our community.

I was glad to see Fresno State’s Dean of Social Sciences, Dr. Michelle DenBeste, supporting the Humanics Program. Thank you all who attended.