Community Medical Foundation is recruiting talented alumni to work on its team in the Development Office.

Here are the direct links to each job description:

Development Officer 1 –

This is an entry level position for those new to fundraising. These candidates should have excellent communication skills, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to manage projects from start to finish.

Development Officer 2 –

This position requires some experience in fundraising at a major gift level. They should have excellent communication skills, the ability to develop new projects & events and the ability to help make strategy recommendations in regards to fundraising.

Development Officer 3 –

This position is for experienced fundraising professionals. These individuals will help manage prospect portfolios of major donors, help develop gift initiatives and strategies to support those.

Community Medical Foundation is trying to grow its fundraising team and thought alumni from our programs would be strong candidates.

Alexis Perez

Foundation Manager

Community Medical Foundation

P.O. Box 1232

Fresno, CA 93715-1232

phone: 559.724.4335 (24335)