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Attached is a job description from the Fresno Center for New Americans for a new Executive Director.

Fresno Center for New Americans seeks an individual i n leadership who is visionary, has a can-do attitude, and who demonstrates the characteristics of open minded compassi on, passion for the mission of Fresno Center for New Americans as well as for community, clients and staff, and a motivator who pulls the team together to support the mission with shared servant leadershi p .

The position will be based on a contractual arrangement, whi ch will include provision for year to year term, renewal or termination by either party , salary and benefits, insurance coverage, and personnel policies and procedures . The first year will be a probational year whi ch may lead to a multi-year contract depending on performance.

Please submit your resume and three references, with their contact i nformation, on or before Friday, February 3, 2017. Submit by email to ed-search@att . net or by mail (must be postmarked no later than February 3, 201 7) to:

Fresno Center for New Americans 4879 E Kings Canyon Road Fresno, CA 93727