I first went to the underground gardens during a photo class to capture unique architecture. This special tour was even more eye opening than seeing it the first time. We did not just get the tour guides presentation, we got first hand accounts from a Forestiere relative and long time friend Silvio. Silvio wrote a Pictorial Journal about the Garden and his journey here. We saw reoccurring symbols of 3, religious components, and secrets they only shared with us. Even more after the tour we got to ask questions about the history and the future of the Gardens. It is a legacy they are trying to keep alive, there is only this small portion of the once 10 acres. He wanted his life’s work to be enjoyed by people years and years to come and with the communities help, they can do just that. I will keep going back to the  gardens, hopefully take my children there one day. Without Ms. Forestiere and Mr. Manno we never would have got the special opportunity or history and the desire to see this place continue and grow in popularity. If you get a chance to go, GO to the Underground Gardens, beat the heat feeling a 20 to 30 degree drop, see the citrus everywhere, and the legacy of Baldassare Forestiere.  http://www.undergroundgardens.com/history-main