TOLA , The Organizing and Leadership Academy,
offers a great opportunity for students–a paid 4-month fellowship program
that trains individuals on effective grassroots community organizing.

TOLA is kicking-off its 2017 cohort in mid-July.

If you are interested in making a difference in people’s lives or leading
some sort of social change in your community or aren’t sure about what to
do post-graduation, consider applying for this fellowship program.

Participants in the Fellowship learn the value of discipline, working
alongside individuals with varying backgrounds, and invaluable techniques
to apply to their work and professional life.

TOLA is also looking to expand its program into the Central Valley in the
next couple of years, so this would be an extremely timely opportunity for
Fresno State students and graduates.
191 Ridgeway Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611
[image: TOLA_Logo_Email.png]