Once again, I had never known about this wonderful place in our backyard. Growing up in the Ranchos, my Grandparents lived on a bluff of the San Joaquin River near Highway 99. We’d walk to the river and skip rocks, swing into the water off a rope, go with the flow on the raft, explore the banks and railroad track nearby. We’ve seen the river rise and fall over the years, trash along the shore never ending.

The River Conservancy Center started to preserve the river, to give it a future, so that children can have experiences like I did. Without the Center no one would know how to help the river. I learned of this wonderful organization because of the Humanics program. All these places I’ve never known or seen as they are until the program. Getting these special opportunities has changed my life and I owe that to the Humanics program.

The River Conservancy Center works with many organizations and has many programs working to protect the river, educate this generation, and create wonderful areas for the public to enjoy for years to come. It was a pleasure going there, the area is so beautiful, I really want to go back and get more involved, let everyone know what they are missing and help conserve and educate the community for generations to come.