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Here’s an opportunity to learn about an upcoming international
service-learning trip to Ghana, Africa.

According to psychologists a way to build greater self-esteem and well
being, which leads to happiness, is by serving others. During the Winter
2017 Intersession, Fresno State students have an opportunity to be part of
engaging in a service-learning study abroad project in Ghana. You will
immerse yourself in a culture full of bright colors, big smiles, and lots
of dancing. Ghana has stunning beaches and scenery but it’s the warmth of
the people and the vibrancy of their culture that will take your breath

During your service-learning project, student will be gaining experience on
student teams that best suits their interests. Note: no experience
necessary, Fresno State faculty will train all team members.

*Team projects include* helping farmers establish a cocoa farming
cooperative, creating a handbook using graphics and on site photos, and
making an assessment of resources available at the villages. The medium
term goal is for the region to establish high enough yields to gain fair
trade status.

Once complete, this project will help cocoa farmers make better business
decisions to increase income generation for their community. Students will
be in charge of this project which, will not only assist this particular
community, but students will also be champions for better working
conditions and ethical food production globally.

*The course, INTD 188S, offers 3 units of credit and counts as GE MI. *
This program is open to *all* students. Students in the following
disciplines may especially benefit: Agricultural Business, Political
Science, Plant Science, Business, International Relations, Africana
Studies, Geography, Multicultural Studies, History, Biology, Engineering,
Humanics, Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work.

*Trip Dates*: December 27, 2017-Jan. 13, 2018

*Information Sessions:*

Wednesday, April 5, 2017, in Peters 105, at 5:00 pm
Thursday, April 6, 2017, in Peters 105, at 5:00 pm

For more information on the program, please contact Dr. Annette Levi,
Chair, Department of Agricultural Business, or
559-278-3004 < (559)%20278-3004>.