I finally did it! I attended an AFP luncheon. I was unsure of what to expect or how to act. I felt my nerves getting worked up. As soon as I walked in everyone was very welcoming. I felt official with my name tag and Humanics scholar tag. I settled in just fine. I was excited to hear from the guest speaker, Amy Millis. Ms. Millis is the Annual Giving Officer at Saint Agnes Medical Center Foundation. Her topic of annual giving was a topic, I was knowledgeable on. I had a proud moment in feeling so privileged going into this luncheon prepared on the topic. There is nothing worse than sitting in on a presentation you know nothing about. There were many key points that stood out to me in the presentation. The first idea was that major gift programs could be victims of their own success. Most often annual giving officers rely on building relationships with their community. An officer will focus in on major donors leaving out the rest of potential donors. Ms. Millis gave us great insight on how as a fundraiser we can look at “this everyone else” group to treat everyone as major donors. It comes down to not just sending annual donors a tax receipt but to take that time and build a relationship. Ms. Millis suggested making a personal call to annual donors or taking the time to write a hand- written letter to thank the donor. The goal is to keep donors because without any acknowledgement, donors will stop giving. Reality is that 10-20% of what is “everyone else,” makes up a CBO’s annual revenue. One thought that stuck with me was her statement that, “one person’s 100-dollar annual gift is another person’s major gift.” Repeatedly, I keep hearing the word relationships. It is those relationships I have been building as a Humanics scholar that have boosted my confidence in a future career path to be a successful business woman.