Going into my senior year at Fresno State I was starting to feel a little worried.  It seemed like my schooling to date had been far too theory heavy.  Being a Sociology major, I was learning lots of information on the “why” of things, but I wanted more than that.  I stumbled across Humanics by chance, and this program offers just what I was looking for!  The Humanics program does a wonderful job of bridging the gap between theory and action.

This is my first semester in Humanics and I’m currently taking both the Philanthropy & Grantmaking class and the Sustainable CBO’s class.  So far during this semester I have had the privilege to go on behind-the-scenes tours of many local CBO’s.  Also, my Philanthropy & Grantmaking class had the rare opportunity to attend a panel consisting of 4 representatives of the Central Valley’s major funders; Ellen Bush, Executive Director of The Whitney Foundation, Kaye Bonner Cummings, Executive Director of The Bonner Foundation, along with Kelvin Alfaro, Senior Program Officer of Central Valley Community Foundation, and Justin Vartanian, Chair of NextGen Philanthropy, took the time to come together in order to share their vast experience with our class.

This panel, along with the other site visits, and our readings, has given me a more complete picture of the CBO world.  I’m so glad that Fresno State offers Humanics and that I discovered it before I had finished my undergraduate degree!