On *Thursday night, April 20th at 6pm
at the *Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno (2672 E Alluvial Ave,
Fresno)*, Faith In Fresno (FIF) is hosting a “Justice and Dignity Community
Gathering,” to review and discuss concrete policy imperatives for the
Fresno Mayor, City Council, County officials, state legislators, and
federal representatives to protect our most vulnerable families regarding
immigration and health care.
At the same time as this gathering in Fresno, hundreds of others from
across Faith In the Valley, from San Joaquin to Kern counties, will also be
meeting to lift up a united set of demands for all our elected
officials–and all of us–to ensure no one stands alone.
Faith In Fresno represents a multi-faith coalition of congregations and
communities and believes that dignity, justice and community will
ultimately prevail.
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