Your Organization (and What Happens If You Don’t)

State Charity Registration is one of those topics that can make your eyes
glaze over.

But the stiff penalties for failing to register can be pretty eye opening.
Soliciting donors without properly registering with a state can expose your
organization to a lot of liability, as well as unwanted attention from the
IRS and state tax departments. And cash-strapped states aren’t likely to
overlook your innocent mistake just because you’re doing charitable work.

In this free, CFRE-certified Flash Class
Tony Martignetti will demystify the process of registering your charity
and walk you through the best practices that can make the process painless.

Tony Martignetti is a lawyer but he doesn’t talk like one. He will weave
his friendly approach to state Charity Registration with his experience
hosting *Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio* and seven years of Charity
Registration consulting, to explain what this morass is all about—in plain

Please join us for this free webinar and learn how to satisfy charitable
registration requirements and avoid penalties.

*Free Registration Thursday, April 13 3 pm Eastern*

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