March for (Social) Science
3-5 pm
Radio Park
N 1st St, Fresno, California 93703

Fresno march:

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Dear Colleague:

I shared the message below with department chairs a few weeks ago and asked
them to encourage everyone to March for (Social) Science tomorrow. It is
now the day before the March and I am writing directly to all ASA members
to reiterate the invitation your chairs have likely already extended.

It is particularly important that sociology has a strong showing at the
March in Washington, DC, and at the more than 500 satellite marches

around the world.

While this march is not partisan, it is crucial that we stand together and
voice our commitment to fundamental research and evidence-based policy at a
time when deep budget cuts are being proposed for many of the key agencies
that support social science research, questions about the fundamental value
of federal statistics are being asked, and attempts to curtail
opportunities for intellectual exchange are being made.

I appeal especially to our graduate students for whom these threats could
have long-lasting effects on the resources you will need to support your
work moving forward. I encourage you to coordinate with friends and show up
in large numbers for a joyful day of collective mobilization!

The ASA has printable signs available for download on our March for Science
where you can also get updates on the March. The signs are emblazoned with
slogans chosen from our crowdsourcing effort. (Thank you to everyone who
contributed and congratulations to Liz Hoisington, Paula England and…
@socialscinerd?) During the March, remember to use social media and add
*#March4Sociology* so we can share with your colleagues in DC and around
the world.

Marching in Washington? Sign up for our pre-march breakfast

the ASA office. Breakfast will be available from 8-9:30 a.m.

Onwards and upwards,

Michèle Lamont
ASA President

ASA Chairlink Special Edition – April 2017

Dear Department Chair:

I’m writing to tell you about ASA’s participation in the March for Science
The March for Science is a public celebration of science. We march to
remind our elected leaders, our neighbors, and even ourselves the important
role evidence plays in informing public policy. We believe the use of
evidence-based research in policy debates is not a partisan concept but
rather essential to understanding the world and making the best decisions
we can as a nation.

Even outside the realm of policy, strong democracies depend on evidence and
knowledge. Sociological research, in particular, helps us to understand
ourselves and make better decisions both as individuals and as a society
that promote the health and welfare of our communities, both local and
across the country.

As a discipline, sociology is a fundamental tool towards developing that
understanding. We are on the forefront, providing knowledge that is central
to determining how policy does and can affect us as a society, as family
members, as workers, and as community members. This research is under
attack, at risk more now than ever.

Therefore, I believe we have a key role to play on April 22. That is why I
am asking you to join us and pass the word on to your department about our
collective cause in this momentous event.

Many of us will be participating in the national event in Washington, DC.
If you can join us, come for breakfast at the ASA office

If not, there are more than 500 satellite marches

the world, likely at least one near your institution.

If there isn’t one close enough, I encourage you and your departmental
colleagues to organize a march in your own community. You can register it
with the national march organizers
start a Facebook group, and let your colleagues and neighbors know. We will
be providing signs that you can print for the occasion by downloading them
from our updating March for Science webpage


We march together even if we are geographically apart so keep connected
that day via social media. Please use the hashtag #March4Sociology and tag
the ASA in your posts and we will share them.

For more information or to sign up for our breakfast, please visit our
updating march page.

Let’s show our strength as a scientific discipline and let our presence be


Michèle Lamont