Humanics@FresnoState is launching a Next Gen Fundraising Campaign to raise
$7890 to help send 27 current Humanics Scholars to the 2017 AFP
International Conference in San Francisco, April 29 – May 2.

Your investment will be matched when you give through our website at

At last year’s conference in Boston, four Humanics@FresnoState
scholars—Adrianne Davis, Navmit Dhesi, Sonia Sanchez-Ramos, and Jessica
Vierra—became the first undergraduate students ever to present a workshop
at an AFP International Conference, “Learning the Ropes of the Profession:
Voices of Collegians Learning and Doing Fund Development Today.” Following
the three-day conference, all eight scholars engaged in volunteer
consulting for *Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives, Inc.* whose
mission is to collect, document, preserve, and present the historic and
modern photographic record of Armenians and Armenian heritage.

This year, in SF, our Humanics Scholars will be participating on TWO

Your investment will be matched when you give through our website at

*Humanics@FresnoState transforms lives and perspectives on leadership &
philanthropy and engenders Exceptional Leaders, Enhanced Organizations, &
Enriched Communities. *

Humanics@FresnoState represents our collective investment in the building
up of the community benefit sector in the Central Valley. By making a
donation to our 2017 AFP International Confernece Fundraising Campaign, you
are enabling Humanics scholars to earn their Certificate or Minor Degree
and begin working as a professional in our Central Valley.
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