A few weeks back we had the privilege of meeting two great speakers: Faith Sidlow and Katie Adamo-Bewarder on the topics of “Engaging Media during our philanthropic event” and “How to plan an Event.” Both speakers are highly experienced and active in these topics. Humanics always brings professionals to our classes and shows us how to do things professional.

Faith Sidlow taught us how to engage the local media that we see on TV and how to correctly approach them. We learned how to engage the media with a story that contains the following: Make it matter, Make it personal, Keeping it simple, Have an attention Grabber, an avoiding certain things. I never realized how easy it was to access the news and that we could develop a relationship with reporters! Faith Sidlow help us organize a way to reach out to our local media and get our Philanthropic event covered.

Katie Adamo Bewarder helps us learn the essentials of planning an event. Planning components of successful event:

  1. Creative Brief
  2. Event Budget
  3. Communications and promotions timeline
  4. Event checklist/ timeline
  5. Event itinerary/ script


Learning these essentials in event planning also helped us in creating our philanthropic event as well. That’s one of the many great things about Humanics: you hear from the best, and you get to apply your knowledge in service learning work. Faith Sidlow and Katie Adamo Bewarder are both experienced professionals that gave us great tools to use.