Something I’ve noticed about all the people we hear from and meet, they love their jobs.

Listening to Liz talk about Planned Giving and how she got into the CBO world, it shows how we are put on certain paths to lead us to our true callings. I never knew about Humanics until Dr. Jendian suggested it, I never really knew about the CBO world, but I know I want to make a difference, like Liz has.

She told us a lot about her job, all the different types of planned giving, the ages of clients she works with, the special things she does to make it all right in morals and legal ways. But the most important thing that she told us, was we need to find something that makes our hearts happy, and for her that is this Job, helping people leave a legacy, not only to Fresno State, she goes to parties and funerals making each client feel so special, because they are.

At the end a classmate asked what the hardest thing was about her job, and the emotions spilled out of her as she said it was saying goodbye to all the clients/friends she’s made during the process of leaving their legacy and honoring their wishes.

I cannot wait to finish my schooling and get into my profession, I’m really looking forward to changing peoples lives and making the world a better place, starting with the community of amazing people right here in Fresno, thanks to the Humanics program and Fresno State.